Bridgeport Clarifies 'Show Up' Points For 2017

Date: 4/18/2017 8:48:27 PM

Bridgeport Clarifies 'Show Up' Points For 2017

Bridgeport, NJ, April 17 - Bridgeport Speedway clarifies 'show up' point race procedure for 2017 season.  There are five races that don't fall under the 'regular' point system this season for the Big Blocks & Crate/Sportsman (April 23April 30May 28June 8, and July 3).  Previously, a driver had to attend each race to receive the '50 bonus points'  for each event that counted towards the year-long point-system.  This year's 'show up' point system has been slightly altered for the Bridgeport drivers. 


A driver MUST compete in at least three of the five previously listed dates.  If a driver competes in three, four, or five of the races, then they will receive the maximum 150 points.  In other words, a driver can only 'max out' at 150 points for the five shows.  If a driver only makes one or two races then that driver receives zero points.  The driver along with car must be registered and attempt to qualify (warmups count) to receive credit for the night.  "We do realize that not everyone can make a Sunday or midweek show," offered general manager Danny Serrano.  "We tried to find a 'happy-medium' and work with of our drivers to ensure their participation for open shows, while also allowing them to miss a show or two for other possible obligations." 


The Outlaw Stocks have only three 'show up' point events, so their status hasn't changed as they will be required to be present and attempt to qualify to receive the 50 race day points.  The Outlaw Stocks will 'max out' at 150 points as well in 2017.  If any driver has questions about the point system, please call the speedway or send an email to the race track.

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