Bridgeport Releases Modified Rules for Remainder of 2019 Season

Date: 9/4/2019 10:53:56 PM

Bridgeport Releases Modified Rules for Remainder of 2019 Season

Bridgeport, NJ - Three races remain in the 2019 season at Bridgeport.  This Saturday's final point show, the 4th Annual 'King of the Big Blocks' is set for September 27-28 weekend, and November's 'Wild Card Weekend'.  


"We tried some different rule packages this year between the 3/8 & the 5/8.  We were hoping to attract some different drivers which we did on the 3/8 but not so much on the 5/8.  So, at this point we'll be basically going back to our rule package from last year," explained track owner Brian Ramey.  "I've only got a few more races left before Doug(Rose) takes over the reigns and I want to ensure we go out on a good note." 


The following rules will be effective immediately starting this Saturday, September 7




  Spec Head Engine on Alcohol or Gas: 2,275lbs. - Standard Bodies

   'Open 358 Small Block up to 363 cu. in.' Alcohol or Gas: 2,400lbs - Standard Bodies 

   Big Blocks up to 477 cu. in: 2,500lbs - Standard Bodies

   Big Blocks 478 & over cu. in: 2,600lbs - Standard Bodies

   Small Blocks over 364 cu. in.: 2,550lbs - Standard Bodies 


All cars can have spoiler facing traditional way at 50" maximum.


*Cars must have traditional deck lids.  NO spoilers, fins, wings, etc..

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