It is with a heavy and saddened heart that we at Bridgeport Speedway pass on the news that our family member and General Manager Danny Serrano passed away

Date: 3/9/2020 10:52:50 PM

It is with a heavy and saddened heart that we at Bridgeport Speedway pass on the news that our family member and General Manager Danny Serrano passed away yesterday. Ourselves here at Bridgeport would like to send our condolences to his family and friends and we have a few words to say about Danny.

Danny started his love for racing at a young age with his gram and man oh man did it start a crazy adventure for Danny. Throughout his time at Bridgeport, New Egypt and wherever else you may have found Danny, you knew you were in for a treat with tons of laughs and discussions about racing to the highest degree.

Danny had a love for racing that cannot be matched. He had smile on his face and an understanding personality that put him at the highest level when dealing with fans, drivers, officials, or whoever he was talking to. It was the simple things in life that made him happy...his girlfriend Karen, his racing family, and his work as a general manager. Danny's love and dedication for Bridgeport was so immense, that he would never back down from a challenge at the track. We'd have to tell him often to take a break and relax because he was always on the go handling business, venturing to other tracks for promotions, cutting the grass, you name it and he would be there doing it without any hesitations.

He was married to the sport that we all love so much. He went everywhere to experience racing at all different levels! Whether that be the big cars or the micro guys, Danny would always travel for a good race and would take anyone along with him if they asked. Danny was an essential part in growing Spirit's 1/4 mile Friday night show and would be seen riding his golf cart all around taking care of every task possible. On Saturdays, he was doing the same thing and making jokes with all the drivers, especially when his friend Jeff Strunk or “Steeerunk” as he would call him. He was the guy that everyone would come to when they had questions or even when they just needed a good laugh or story time. We can hear him saying on the pit shack radio to get ready for hot laps or even to come up for the pill draw.

We will miss him walking around with that infectious smile making a joke about something that happened that night. We will all miss the late-night meetings, phone calls, emails, or even just messages from him talking about the sport he loved the most. And let’s not even forget to mention his personality. Anyone that knows Danny knew how funny, caring, and determined he was. When Danny would set his mind to it, he would set out to accomplish it. And for everyone who has gotten to know him, sit in on stories, listen to his jokes, receive that Facebook messages of jokes and content that he found funny; Then you meant more to him then you would ever know. The racing world was Danny’s life and we couldn’t have asked for a better brother, friend, manager, and official.

Bridgeport suffered a great loss today as did the entire racing community. We love you and will miss you Danny - Rest easy my friend.

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